2019 Australian Organic Market Report

Australia’s organic sector is forging out a path with high-value, traceable products for consumers.  The industry was worth just under $1 billion nine years ago, and according to the Australian Organic Market Report 2019, Australian produced organic goods are now valued at $2.6 billion. Close to 36 million hectares of Australian farmland is certified organic, representing approximately 9.6 per cent of all of Australia’s agricultural land.  This figure has tripled since the start of the decade, particularly as pastoral land has been converted to meet the growing demand for organic beef and sheep meat.

On the certification front, the number of certified operators has also significantly increased, growing from 3069 in 2011 up to 4802 in 2018.

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The Organic Standards

Australian (domestic)


National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce (Australia)

This set of standards covers the baseline requirements for all organic and biodynamic producers and processors in Australia.

Australian Organic Standard (Biological Farmers)

This is the most stringent and recognised standard in Australia for Organic and Biodynamic producers and processors.  Meeting the minimum requirements of the National Organic Standard and having equivalence with the EU Organic Standards making export much easier.

COSMOS Standard

This set of standards cover organic and natural cosmetics and is fast becoming a globally recognised logo on end products giving consumers trust in the authenticity of the product.

USDA National Organic Programme

This set of standards covers the requirements for the US Organic Programme and needs to be met if exporting into the US.

EU Organic Standards

This set of standards covers the baseline requirements for all member states of the EU and needs to be met if exporting into the EU.

Got questions about getting certified?

We’ve got you covered in our extensive guide on getting certified. Whether you’re a primary producer, market-grower or product manufacturer wanting to enter the organic market, we’ll walk you through the steps and everything you need to consider in getting certified.

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