Australia’s appetite for organics at record levels
The latest Australian Organic Market Report reveals the nation’s organic industry is worth $2.6 billion, up by 35% since 2012 and growing by over 15% each year.


The Australian Organic Market Report is a highly respected publication commissioned by Australian Organic. It tracks industry and consumer trends in the Australian organic marketplace based on research by the Mobium Group, Swinburne University of Technology and ABS statistics.

The 2019 Report shows consumption of certified organic food, cosmetics and household products are at a record high in Australia. Dairy and beef are the fastest growing organic sectors.

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The 2019 Report has some interesting industry stats including:
    • The overall number of households saying they have purchased at least one organic product in 2018 lifted to 65% from the previous year.
    • More than half of organic buyers (55%) say that they look for a certification logo on the label to check if a product is organic.
    • Over 90% of purchasers say that they shop for organics in supermarkets at some time.
    • The benefits of products being chemical-free (80%), environmentally friendly (71%) and additive-free (65%)are viewed as the biggest advantages of organic food.
    • Just under half of organic shoppers say they purchased organic due to increased awareness of the impact of food and cosmetics on their personal health.
    • Over 7 in 10 shoppers use Google to search for information about organics.
Information about organic shoppers:

Increased awareness regarding chemicals and the environment were identified as major purchase drivers, with consumers saying when it comes to organic food the perceived main benefits upon buying are that they are chemical-free (80%), environmentally friendly (71% – up from 65% since 2016) and additive-free (65%).